Not to miss on a trip through Southeastern Turkey & Mesopotamia!

Home to some of the most important archaeological sites found anywhere in the world, Southeastern Turkey is still unknown to most travellers. Historically known as the ‘Fertile Crescent’ for having two of the world’s noblest rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, the region also hosts many amazing UNESCO world heritage sites.

Here’s a list of the highlights covered in our tour packages. You can learn more about our trip to the area here

Mount Nemrut - Built by Antiochus approximately 2000 years ago as a monument to his divine ancestry, the mountain top complex is composed of two flattened areas, where you can find colossal heads and statues. Don’t miss out the sunrise or sunset there

St Peter’s Cave Church - Antioch was one the cities where, after Jesus’ death, the apostles went to spread Christianity. There, Saint Peter gathered the first Christian community in a cave, used to hide from soldiers and pray. This cave is now Saint Peter’s Cave Church, a museum open for visitation

Şanliurfa - Home to one of the best and the largest Turkish museums where approximately 10,000 artefacts from the Palaeolithic Age to Islamic periods are displayed, in Urfa you can also visit the cave where prophet Abraham was born.

Mardin - The city offers a fantastic view of the Upper Mesopotamia Plain and amazing old-Arabic style houses. It played an important role in the early development of Christianity and nowadays you can visit wonderful monasteries and churches as well as beautiful mosques.

Dara Ancient city - an important settlement on the Silk Road, this historical ancient city is known as the Ephesus of Mesopotamia with its interesting rock tombs and churches, necropolis, cisterns, bridges, strong city walls, agora and public areas,

Gobekli Tepe - One of the first manifestations of human-made monumental architecture, this archeological site is the oldest temple of the world

Gaziantep - Famous for producing Turkey’s best baklava, Gaziantep hosts the second world’s biggest mosaic museum with a rich collection in subject and colour variety.