Whether you are on the adventurous or cultural side, Turkey has options for every kind of traveler.

Admire the idyllic Turkish coast from above! Oludeniz is a famous spot for paragliding and the vıews from above are breathtaking

Dive into early civilizations! Turkey is home to some of the world’s most important Neolithic sites, including Göbeklitepe – considered the world’s first place of worship - and Çatalhöyük - known as the place where people started to transition from nomadic ways to settled agrarian livelihoods.

Sleep in a cave in Cappadocia! From shared dorms to luxury rooms with an indoor pool, there are caves for all budgets in the area.

Shop without breaking the bank in bazaars! Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is the country’s most famous one but every city and historic area will have its own local bazaar selling everything from spices, carpets, art crafts and souvenirs.

Float above the lunar landscape of Cappadocia in a hot air balloon! Join one of the 150 balloons taking off every morning before sunrise

Explore ancient sites! Ephesus, Pergamo, Side, Troy, Hierapolis...just to name a few. Well preserved sites can be found all over the country, excellent options for the history lovers out there

Indulge in a Turkish bath! Scrub and massage in a steamy room is the best way to end a busy day