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Cappadocia Evening Activities

Explore Cappadocia by light of the moon! Every month, when the full moon glows bright over the surreal Cappadocian landscape, it can seem nearly as bright as day.  These nights make special moments to experience the valleys and the sky full of stars on our full moon hiking tour. Turkish He..
Cappadocia's brightest nights with a Turkish-style picnic.When the full moon glows brightly over the surreal Cappadocian landscape, it can seem nearly as bright as day. These nights are unique occasions to celebrate life and love. We arrange a  special setup including a comfortable seating..
Did you know that Turkey is a popular wine country?  In Anatolia, winemaking dates back 7.000 years, starting with the Hittites and continuing through the centuries. The diversity of climate and soil in Cappadocia provides a wide variety of Turkish wines, both indigenous and international varie..
The Turkish Night Show highlights the dance traditions of various regions of Turkey, complete with traditional costumes and of course, exhilarating belly dancers. This lively performance is a great way to enjoy traditional Turkish music, dancing and join in the festivities during audience participat..
Whirling Dervishes ceremonies are performed in Sarihan Caravanserai every night. The ceremonies start at 18:00 in winter and 21:00 in summer every night. The whole ceremony takes around one hour and we offer 'Serbet', a religious drink, after the ceremony. Turkish Heritage Travel picks you up from y..
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